Friday Night is WatchDogs 2 Night

November 15, 2016
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Friday Night is WatchDogs 2 Night

November 15, 2016
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We like to let our hair down (what little we all have left!) here at Biff HQ. So when Ubisoft kindly sent us invites - as a thank you for the banner campaign we created - to their Oliver Heldens music video launch, in line with their new game Watchdogs 2 , we couldn’t exactly pass it up could we? World-renowned DJ: Check. Awesome new game: Check. Free mini pulled-lamb and halloumi burger-style canapés?! (Check! Check!) Well, count us in!

Ever seen a drunk flamingo?

Google's (or should that be NUDLE’s?!) offices are plush. #justsaying. We had an interesting lift-ride with some Oliver Heldens super fans (that’s an understatement by the way!) A nice bit of mingling early in the evening, Pink Flamingo beer holders (Olaf loved them), caught up with some of our friends over at Ubisoft, and a few PS4s to have a play of the new Watchdogs 2 (Seriously, it’s an awesome game).

Then, just before 7pm, the countdown begins: 10, 9, 8, 7…..


Welcome to the international live-stream and world premiere of the new video for Oliver Heldens new track ‘Good Life’. We start to dance. The track is good. The video cool. The super fans suddenly realise something: It’s not just a video, oh no… Over in the corner, watching the reactions, Oliver Heldens is about to take to the stage. Queue squeals of elation from the super fan elite.

Go DJ!

What a set. A good number of classic tunes, craftily mixed with his own; the flamingos migrated to the dance floor (and promptly got deflated and packed away as souvenirs); the beers kept flowing, and at some point I realised I was in a scene similar to Pinocchio. Instead of donkeys, however, a number of people started turning into white unicorns… It became infectious (what is in this beer, I thought to myself?). Olaf became one. Paul became one. I became one! Hmmm… Maybe home is beckoning.

Unicorn 1
Unicorn 2
Unicorn 3

And with that, Mr Heldens finished his set, we got to enjoy his new song / video again, and the canapés disappeared.

Hats off to the team at Ubisoft, we had a brilliant night (I got a selfie with Oli (#firstnameterms #bestofbudsnow)). We were handed a little Watchdogs 2 goodie-bag on the way out, and now proudly sporting our hoodies with pride (David Gandy has nothing on our Olaf in his prime).

And with Watchdogs 2 out a couple of days ago, what better thing than to relive last Friday, all over again.

mr dj

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